Allied Health Therapies

Meet the Team

Sarena Jones

Occupational Therapist

Sarena began her career in an occupational rehabilitation role for youth with brain injuries then spent several years in acute and rehabilitative rotational positions across Victorian hospitals.  Shortly after she travelled to the UK and for many years, worked across London and regional areas in general acute, geriatric, cardiac rehabilitation, complex neurological rehabilitation, acquired brain injury, rapid response, intermediate care and community health / social services positions.  In between, upon short visits home to Australia, she worked in transition care and community rehabilitation positions, before finally settling on the Sunshine Coast.  Here she has worked across adult in-patient rehab, out-patient rehab and leadership roles for 15  years.  In 2016 she created Allied Health Support Services to support other health professionals. In early 2018, however, her vision of creating the Australian Allied Health Awards came to life.

As an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience, Sarena is super passionate about supporting, linking and celebrating health professionals.

Now Sarena enjoys seeing a variety of clients under the NDIS and supporting a team of amazing health professionals as well as managing national Allied Health businesses

Sarena’s ideal super power: not requiring sleep!

Sarena’s secret skill: b***sh*t radar!

Sarena’s interests: eating, travelling, reading, beach, dance and her kids (better say that!)

Natasha Roberts

Occupational Therapist & Team Leader

Natasha enjoys building a therapeutic relationship with people in their own homes, community, or workplace with a focus on improving their daily function in line with their goals. Natasha has worked in hospital and community rehabilitation in Melbourne’s premier health services and in the Sunshine Coast private health and insurance areas for 25 years, including 12 years for Austin Health’s Acquired Brain Injury Unit inpatient and outpatients.  She has a broad knowledge of health services and experience in managing and supervising Occupational Therapists, Allied Health assistants and support workers at a team and department level. Natasha has expert skills in working with people with complex diagnoses including Traumatic Brain Injuries, Hypoxic Brain Injuries, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injuries, Neurological disorders such as M.S. and subsequent illnesses such as anxiety and depression. Her extensive experience of life altering illnesses has resulted in an excellent understanding of the personal level of an illness and the impact on the person’s daily life and work capacity.

Natasha’s ideal super power: Control over the weather

Natasha’s secret skill: mobile phones (not really, that’s what I wish it was)

Natasha’s interests: time with friends, travel, exercise (Pilates most recently, who knew?) outdoors, reading

Sarah Bloomfield

Dietitian & Nutritionist

Sarah is an accredited practicing Dietitian-Nutritionist with 20 years’ experience working in a variety of clinical and leadership roles within the public and private healthcare sectors in Queensland.

Sarah has experience providing nutrition assessment and support for a diverse range of acute and chronic conditions, including physical, neurological, and intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injuries, cancer care and gastrointestinal disorders.

Sarah is a caring clinician who works alongside clients experiencing a variety of nutrition issues which may include; gut issues, malnutrition, dysphagia, food avoidance, sensory issues, weight management, immobility, fatigue, food access and nutrition knowledge.

Her passion for providing high quality, evidence-based nutrition services has been demonstrated through her contribution to service planning and development of innovative and multidisciplinary models of care for health services on the sunshine coast.

Sarah enjoys working in a team environment and appreciates the value this brings to patient care. She draws on evidence-based nutrition science as the foundation of her consultations, incorporating this into the provision of practical and holistic nutrition therapy and support aimed at optimising health and quality of life.

Sarah appreciates a work-life balance spending valuable time with her husband and two daughters, embracing the Sunshine Coast culture of a healthy lifestyle.

Sarah’s ideal super power:  To be in 10 places at once.  Literally…..

Sarah’s secret skill:  Has MC Hammer moves… hehe (well I did)

Sarah’s Interests: Yoga, Reading, Laughing, Shopping, Travel, My beautiful daughters and my Golden retrievers (oh and of course my husband)

And being a super Dance Mum!

Marlee Whybird

Marlee Whybird

Occupational Therapist

Marlee has a strong appreciation for health, its integral role within the community and admiration for those promoting it. As a result, Marlee pursued a Bachelor of Science (majoring in biomedical science) and a master’s degree in Occupational Therapy from The University of Queensland. Marlee has a passion for collaborating with, and supporting, a variety of individuals, ranging from paediatrics to geriatrics, to meet their goals and optimise their independence, safety and quality of life. Marlee achieves this through the delivery of evidence-informed, person- occupation- and environment-focused interventions. Marlee has experience in providing occupational therapy services for a range of conditions including intellectual disability, physical disability, cognitive and neurological disability, acute and chronic conditions, mental health and sensory disabilities as well as in clients return to work endeavours.  

Marlee’s ideal super power: Telekinesis

Marlee’s secret skill is: the ability to do a backflip 

Marlee’s hobbies include: sports such as gymnastics and snow skiing/boarding, travelling, and art & craft activities

Julia Body

Julia Body

Occupational Therapist

Julia graduated from the University of Queensland with a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy (Honours). Julia is passionate about assisting people of all ages to reach their full potential based on goals that are meaningful and personal to them. Julia strives to deliver her care through an evidence based, client-centred and holistic approach in order to achieve the best outcomes for her clients. She enjoys working collaboratively with her clients by empowering and guiding them through their journey.

Julia has experience working with a range of conditions including physical disability, intellectual disability, neurological disability, and chronic conditions.

Julia’s ideal superpower: teleportation

Julia’s secret skill: ability to wiggle her ears

Julia’s interests include: travelling, the beach, tennis and her dog Ollie

Emily East

Emily East

Occupational Therapist

Emily graduated from The University of Queensland with a Bachelor of occupational therapy (Honours).  She is passionate about ensuring each client’s journey is individualised and their personal goals are the forefront of their treatment. She is motivated to support the client to remain independent and safe to ensure they remain living within their own home. Emily’s achieves these outcomes by implementing evidence-based practice and using this to guide her assessments and interventions. 

Emily has experience amongst a broad range of conditions and has provided occupational therapy services to individuals with cognitive and neurological conditions, intellectual disability, chronic conditions, physical & psychosocial disabilities.

Emily’s Interests: Beach, travel and baking

Emily’s Ideal Superpower- invisibility

Emily’s Secret Skill: napping!

Abigail Kent


Abi is our clinical administrator here at Allied Health Therapies and has 6 years-experience in all things allied health administration! She has experience across many different professions including occupational therapy, psychology, social work and general counsellors.

She has a strong focus on organisation, productivity and attention to detail whilst building strong relationships with clients, families and their support teams. If you any questions, Abi is your go to!

Abi is also mum to two beautiful girls and has returned from maternity leave in 2022. She is excited to back working with the AHT team.

Abi’s ideal super power: super speed, so I can keep up with my kids and clean up in 3 seconds!

Abi’s secret skill: can fall asleep anywhere

Abi’s hobbies include: cooking, swimming, spending time with her girls and her dog Freddie!

Natalie Love

Social Worker

Natalie has over 15 years experience working as a Social Worker in Community, Government and Private settings. With a passion for working through complex needs in a person centered and collaborative way, Natalie enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams to get the best outcomes for her clients.

Natalie has experience working with health and disability needs, ASD in Children and Adults, Child Safety Matters and Housing within the NDIS Sector. Natalie has a Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work by research where she explored the role of Animals in Social Work practice.

For the last 10 years Natalie has been working as an Equine Assisted Therapist and is currently training in Animal Assisted Psychotherapy to expand her practice. Natalie has studied with the University of Denver and completed a certificate in Animal Assisted Therapy, Activities and Learning through their Graduate School of Social Work.

While completing her Masters Natalie worked at the University of the Sunshine Coast where she supported Social Work students on their placements. Natalie continues to have a commitment to support emerging social workers and other allied health into their profession with a focus on career direction and sustainable practice.

Natalie’s ideal superpower: Speaking all Animal Languages 

Natalie’s secret skill: Reading a Room

Jeremy O’Leary


Jeremy has been a physiotherapist for over 40 years the majority of that in Queensland Health. On graduation however he worked for 3 years in a musculoskeletal private practice in Gympie. He has worked in regional (Townsville) and metropolitan (Princess Alexandra) hospitals before settling on the Sunshine Coast. It was at PAH that he found his passion for rehabilitation physiotherapy. He particularly enjoyed working in the spinal injuries unit where he was challenged everyday with the complexity of client presentations.

On the Sunshine Coast his clinical focus continued to be rehabilitation but he also worked in the acute and outpatient settings covering cardiorespiratory, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal caseloads.

He was based in Caloundra Hospital since 2001 when he became the Assistant Director of the Physiotherapy department. While there he was lucky to be a founding staff member of the Day Therapy Unit which grew into the current Community Rehabilitation Team. Jeremy worked in this team as an advanced physiotherapist and or manager helping to steer it through the ever-changing health landscape until he resigned early 2022.

Jeremy has expertise in neurological, lower limb amputee and general rehabilitation working with adult and adolescent clients. He collaborates closely with his client’s team, family and other stakeholders for the best client outcomes.

Jeremy’s ideal super Power: ability to stop time

Jeremy’s secret skill: seeing connections between seemingly unrelated fields

Jeremy’s interests: exercise, reading, travel (caravanning), exploring new places – what’s around that headland? – meditation and spending time with his wife and family.